Ten in the Bed- The Perfect Bedtime Rhyme

‘Ten in the bed’ is an educational rhyme with very appealing lyrics. It is called a ‘counting out rhyme’ and is mostly used as a preschool rhyme for teaching counting to the toddlers. There are many versions of this children’s song and it is perfect for counting practice. If you sing it gently, it can be used as a beautiful bedtime rhyme too. The rhyme has no particular history and it was written to make it easier for the children to learn numbers in a fun way.

About the lyrics:

The rhyme is about ten children who are sleeping in the bed, and the little one says, ‘roll over’. When all the children roll over, one falls down and now they are nine in the bed. The little one keeps on saying roll over and one by one all the children fall out of the bed until the little one is left alone.

It is a long rhyme that goes on from one to ten and when the little one is alone on the bed, he says ‘Good night’. Some versions also state the little one saying, ‘Alone at last’. There are many interesting videos made on this rhyme and children giggle as they watch all the children falling from the bed one after another. Some videos have animals sleeping on the bed, while some show children.

The lesson for kids:

The kid’s song is meant for making counting easier for the children. Also, it clears the concept of subtraction as the children keep on subtracting to know how many are left on the bed. The lyrics are very catchy, and children won’t stop singing and acting along. The rhyme was very popular in the 70s and it is still sung with great fun and enthusiasm as a bedtime rhyme.

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